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Meeting: 9th October

This month we were back to our usual venue at MadLab. A slightly quieter meeting than usual with just five members attending, discussing three pieces of writing. I’d like to welcome our latest new member Damien who gave some great feedback — we’re certainly looking forward to reading your writing at future meetings.

Meeting: 9th October

With just three pieces of writing to discuss, the critiques were rather more leisurely than usual with a greater level of detail and we even managed to finish a little early. Just bear in mind that it’s unlikely we’ll have as much leeway at future meetings so our critiques will probably need to be shorter for next month.

I often struggle to summarise my critiques, as you all know! I jot down my critique points at the end of each piece so I’m able to read them out during the meeting without any delay or repetition. I certainly avoid talking about spelling or grammatical mistakes — though I do identify these ‘in-line’ in a paper copy that I hand over to the author — but I’m still often faced with a dozen or more critique points, too many to be able to raise in one meeting. I try to pick out just 3 or 4 main points that I think were most important. If there’s a couple more that I don’t get around to raising, that’s fine, they’re noted down in the copy that I hand over to the author so he or she will still receive my feedback.

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