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Meeting: 14th September

Lots of familiar faces at last night’s meeting. Great to see a couple of people we’ve not seen for a while.

Also: doughnuts from the Master of Cakery himself.

With eight people attending we had seven pieces of work to critique. We’re now planning for a finish time around 10pm but even with this extension we still didn’t have enough time for all the submitted pieces–so Dave, your piece of work will be the first to be discussed at next month’s meeting.

We now have four novels being discussed in addition to the various short stories we’ve always seen. I’m really enjoying the variety, but I wonder whether to cut our novel writers some slack regards the word count and increase the limit to 4000 words per meeting. What do you think? 4000 words for all pieces of work or just for novel chapters? Or not at all? I’m wondering about that late finish time . . .

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