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Wednesday Meeting: 9th September

Another fantastic meeting last night with nine people attending and all six DropBox submissions critiqued by the end. It’s still early days but I think the twice-monthly meetings are working well. We’ve had a great turnout at both meetings so far with maybe 1 or 2 fewer submissions per meeting. That means we’re finishing on time without anyone missing out and we’re getting through more critiques.

Wednesday Meeting: 9th September

We seem to have agreed upon a slight modification to the ‘pen spinning’ house rule, as follows:

  1. We start by critiquing those DropBox submissions carried over from the previous meeting.
  2. Then we critique any new submissions from writers who didn’t have anything critiqued during the previous meeting.
  3. Then we critique everything else.
  4. We spin a pen or toss a coin in any or all of the above cases, if need be.

This actually sounds a lot more complex than it is. In most cases there’s no need to spin a pen at all, it’s immediately obvious which submission we should start critiquing.

Let me know if you have any further comments about this change. I’ve updated the House Rules (rule #7). I’ve also added some further clarification about erotica (rule #15).

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