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Meeting: 11th September

Last minute change of venue with this month’s meeting to a room over the Terrace bar just next to MadLab. Bit noisy, but we managed. Before we get started with the critiques I’d like to say hello to Michael Vaughan who joined us for the first time last night. I’d also like to offer a belated hello to Phill Campbell who actually joined us for the first time in last month’s meeting, but I forgot to mention this when I posted the notes last time, what with the whole ‘me not being there’ thing going on.

Meeting: 11th September

We had five pieces submitted this month with nine members attending and we started a little late due to travel problems and with the changes to venue which not everyone knew about. The weather always seems to affect travel time this time of year so no worries — I was 10 minutes late myself. I will leave earlier next month!

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