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Meeting: 13th June

We had 6 people attending last night’s meeting and three pieces of writing to discuss. And we managed to finish on time again!

As previously mentioned, attendees are invited to donate £1-£2 per meeting via PayPal. This is a voluntary donation as we understand members can be a little strapped for cash at times. My thanks to the donations we have already received from last night’s meeting and to those people who have donated previously. Once we hit £50 or so we will be donating this money to MadLab in lieu of the free facilities they provide.

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Email notifications

Just a quick post to say that I’m going to halt email notifications from my personal email address from next month. I’ve started receiving greylist warnings when I send out my usual monthly email reminder and I don’t fancy getting blacklisted. 🙂

You can keep in touch via the Facebook group or by signing up to this website using the follow button over there on the right.

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Meeting: 9th May

First of all I’d like to welcome three new members who joined us last night: Harvinder Atwal (who dropped in briefly to last month’s meeting), Graeme Shimmin and Tom Fenney. Great to meet you all!

As promised during last night’s meeting, I’ve now added the PayPal donation button to the right-hand side of the website for easy access. I’m pleased to say that we’ve already received a donation after last night’s meeting–thank you! As soon as we get a decent chunk of cash we’ll be making a donation to MadLab.

With six pieces of writing and seven members attending I thought last night’s meeting might be destined for another overrun, but we managed to stay on target and finish at exactly 9.30pm . . . Continue reading


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Meeting: 11th April

We had five people attending last night including a drop-in visit from Harvinder who is planning on joining us at a future meeting.

With just three pieces of work to discuss, our critiques were a little more detailed than usual and we even managed to finish early (by which I mean ‘on time’) . . . Continue reading

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Meeting: 14th February

First of all I’d like to welcome Dawn Purcell who joined us for the first time last night. Dawn is a good friend of mine; she’s also a fellow MA student and a genre writer, so I suggested she pop along to see what we get up at the group.

I actually remembered to take a few photos this month . . .

I don’t remember that heavenly glow being quite so apparent last night. How odd.

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PayPal Donations

As promised during last month’s meeting we now have a PayPal account. Apologies that this took slightly longer than expected, but I also had to setup email on this domain.

The PayPal account that has been created is a business, not-for-profit account called ‘Manchester Speculative Fiction’ with myself nominated as contact. The email address for donations is or you can use the donate button below. I’ll add this to the sidebar after the next meeting.

This is intended to allow members to donate £1 per meeting if they feel they can afford it. Some members have also expressed an interest in making a single, larger donation to cover several meetings at once. All donations, no matter how large or small, will be gratefully received. To reiterate:

  • Donations will be received in the strictest confidence. The names of individuals making a donation will never be made public.
  • A copy of the PayPal balance sheet will be made available on request to any current member. This balance sheet will show donation dates and amounts as well as withdrawal dates, amounts and destination (i.e. MadLab). The names of individuals making donations would be removed.
  • No refunds. This isn’t an attendance fee, it’s a donation.

We will use the PayPal account to issue occasional donations to MadLab. I will post an update on this website whenever any such donation is made. Thank you for your support!

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Meeting: 8th February

Before I get started with the usual chit-chat I have a couple of quick points to raise . . .

First of all I want to give a big thank you on behalf of the group to Kate Fawl and Benjamin Judge for attending the MadLab maintenance day on Sunday. MadLab is dependent on voluntary help like this, so it’s very much appreciated. You can have a look at what they helped out with over at the MadLab blog.

Next, I want to repeat a question I raised during last night’s meeting. Attendance at our writing group is free, with members invited to donate £1 or 50p per visit to help with MadLab’s funding (heating, lighting etc). MadLab are extremely grateful for our contributions but I’d like to see our donations making more of a difference when we hand over the cash. So I’m suggesting we open a PayPal account that members can voluntarily donate into and that we make larger, less frequent donations to MadLab perhaps once or twice a year.

What does everyone think?

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