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Meeting 12/04/17

Another top meeting with some great short fiction in the box.

Chris presented a short story called ‘Anti-freeze’. There was praise here for the good imagery and dark overtones throughout the piece very dark. Members thought this was a great idea, though perhaps not executed correctly. (Chris heartily agreed!) Calls for some more clarity on the POV’s motives and a slight expansion to flesh that ending out.

Bryn presented a short story called ‘Better Lost than Loved’. Universal praise here for the great concept in this piece and that fantastic imagery throughout. There were some questions over why the POV would go along so easily with the other AI’s plan, and calls to keep the sabotage a little more hidden from view.

Finally, Rachel presented a short story called ‘Logistically not a problem’. Praise here for the brisk pace and action packed story telling. Some members questioned whether our POV is a bit quick to forgive ANON and help him out. (He got her into this mess!) Calls for our POV to take charge, more dialogue and a bit more character development.

That’s all for this time.

Pip pip!

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