Tuesday Meeting: 22nd March

Hi everyone! We’re all very busy with Mancunicon right now so here’s a quick set of notes from Tuesday’s meeting…

Tuesday Meeting: 22nd March

On with the critiques!

  • Ian presented the first part of a story called Breith Pool. There was plenty of appreciation for the concept being explored in this story: some kind of time travel, perhaps, via immersion in a Scottish pool. A lot of people were fascinated at the hallucinations and how they were triggered. I think almost everyone disliked the idea of using a letter as the opening. There were comparisons drawn with Lovecraft and Quatermass. A few people weren’t sure about the diction used, whether it was too anachronistic. Great style and atmosphere.
  • Luke presented the first part of a novelette called Womb. Lots of people enjoyed the characterisation in this piece, especially the protagonist and the strange Dr Florian. Great narrative voice. Excellent imagery, especially the doctor’s waiting room. Some people weren’t sure about the opening, whether there was too much info-dumping. And there were a few similes that didn’t quite click with everyone. Some random capitalisation. Hamster seemed out of place. Enjoyable tongue/slug metaphor.
  • Chris presented a short story called The Farm. Great imagery in this piece, especially the abattoir. A lot of people saw the reveal coming, some earlier than others. Humans as animals for food may have been done before. The deliberate obfuscation of the viewpoint didn’t work for everyone. A couple of people called for a limited viewpoint, perhaps the young child from the scene at the end. Further random capitalisation. Dark. Very dark.
  • Eric presented a further chapter from his novel Hellbound. The black tongue imagery was, I think, enjoyed by pretty much everyone. Diane’s characterisation was also appreciated although a few questions were asked about her situation and whether it was too stereotypical: a dissatisfied waitress married to an abusive husband. Great dialogue. Diane’s powers are cool — why doesn’t she use them more? Flaming grill was properly flamey.

That’s all for now.

Next meeting: Wednesday 13th April

We already have group members wandering around Mancunicon. We will be there all weekend, we have people on panels, we’re running workshops on the Saturday and Sunday mornings. We will have copies of our Revolutions anthology on sale at a discount. See you there!

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