Manchester Speculative Fiction

Wednesday Meeting: 9th March


Another great meeting last night with 11 attendees and 5 pieces to crit. I think everyone was in agreement that this was a very strong dropbox, and we managed to get through all five (albeit one was at the pub!). Also, for the first time I believe, we had more female members in attendance than male! Hopefully this is a sign of more gender-balanced times to come for the group!

On to the crits:

Once again, a great session with some excellent and balanced crits from all attendees. A very strong set of submissions that tells of some good reading ahead!

Finally, some congratulations are in order for Eliza, who’s piece ‘The Water Museum’ has recently been published in Holdfast magazine. Check it out at

[Craig: My thanks to Chris for taking these notes and to Luke for the photo.]

See you at the next meeting on Tuesday 22nd March.