Wednesday Meeting: 10th February

Hello again everyone! Another excellent meeting last night with 12 people attending and three stories to critique. Eric sent his apologies, he was ill and unable to attend, so we will bump his submission to the next meeting on Tuesday 23rd February.

Wednesday Meeting: 10th February

Before we get started I just want to pass on the enthusiasm expressed by Eliza and a number of our attendees (myself included) that last night saw our first meeting with the majority of submissions from female members. In fact with Eric’s absence that majority turned into a neat 100%. This is, I believe, a step in the right direction. Who knows, perhaps one year we will look back over the preceding months to see something of a 50/50 average.

Anyway, on with the crits!

  • Eliza presented us with her short story The Otaku Collector. There were plenty of compliments for the creepy horror in this piece, especially the scene in the bathroom. Richard was well portrayed as an unpleasant piece of work, though a couple of people wondered if this was being pushed too much. Most people saw the ending coming and whilst a few people didn’t mind this, several people wondered whether the story should be shortened or if the final reveal could be pushed back.
  • Bronwin presented chapter one from her novel Lal Dream Sequence. Everyone seemed to enjoy the imagery in this piece, especially the scene with the snowdrops. Interesting to note that most also preferred the more dystopian setting at the very start and end: what a miserable bunch we are! A confusing piece for some people. Questions asked about the main faery section, whether it advanced the plot. Also: viewpoint, the word ‘bollocks’, was the ledger was necessary?
  • Tammy presented us with her short story The Diamond Queen of Dalmaris. I think pretty much everyone got the link to the Pied Piper straight away. There was plenty of appreciation for the vivid imagery and world-building as well as the characterisation of the Chancellor, Bern. A few people were confused at the sudden deaths of the monarchs. And the twist with the Queen planning the whole thing came a little out of nowhere for some. Some people wanted it longer, others shorter, you just can’t please everyone all the time!

We managed to finish ahead of time for once and headed over to Common for a chat and a drink. Everyone looked knackered! Rest up and get scribbling for our next meeting on Tuesday 23rd February. See you there!

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