Wednesday Meeting: 13th January

Happy New Year everyone! We had another great meeting last week with three submissions and 10 attendees. In previous years this has often been a very quiet time of year but this is the second January in a row that we’ve hit double figures. We rock!

Wednesday Meeting: 13th January

Before I get started with the critiques I just want to mention the Revolutions anthology. It’s doing really well! We are selling actual copies! We would really appreciate some boost to the signal on either Facebook or Twitter or your chosen social media platform. Word of mouth goes a long way. A glowing Amazon review would be awesome! Here are a few links if you’re looking for an easy share…

A tweet from Craig:

A blog post from Graeme:

Another tweet from Eric:

Revolutions is available to buy from Amazon in either paper or Kindle format.

On with the critiques!

  • Ian presented a short story called Trafford Centre. I think everyone enjoyed the concept of celebrity cult delivered in this piece. Warren’s voice was also very much enjoyed, as was Father Pennington’s, although some people wondered about the relevance of these latter sections and whether they advanced the story. This story was over the 4k maximum. Please note for future submissions. Some questions over Warren’s ability as a hit man. Great setting. Good world building. More please!
  • Eric presented the 8th and 10th chapters from his novel Hellbound. There was some retconning of order, hence the missing chapter. Plenty of people enjoyed the action in this piece although a few questions were asked about sending poor old Willie around the back on his own and then leaving him in a pool of blood from a slightly non-fatal bullet wound to the shoulder. Questions asked about the need for another viewpoint character. Further questions asked about Frank and his attitude to women — perhaps more so Velma’s complicity. Great final scene with the bullets being pushed out.
  • Tamsin presented the first two chapters of her novel All The People. Everyone enjoyed this piece, especially chapter two which some members suggested would make a better first chapter. Strong character voices, especially the interaction between Milton and his girlfriend and the his family. Some confusion over the stamp (what is it?) and the initial chapter (what’s going on?). Too much Brand Name Fever for some. Great world building. We expect another chapter!

DropBox is now clear and ready for submissions for the next meeting: Tuesday 26th January.

See you all there!

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  1. SAM

    So pleased to note you are doing well SAM

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