Manchester Speculative Fiction

Wednesday Meeting: 9th December


Apologies for missing yet another meeting due to illness this time. Excuses, excuses. I would say ‘see you at the next one’ but who knows, perhaps I’ll be abducted by aliens this time!

Thanks to Eliza for taking the following notes . . .

Twelve members attended the group on the dreary Wednesday night at MadLab. We managed to get through 4 pieces with Emma’s “Westralia” being the only one left for the next meeting.

After the meeting we went to the Common for a change for discussions on the newly published Revolutions anthology, forthcoming Christmas meal and the NaNoWriMo successes in the group. The anthology is now available on ebook and print copy via Amazon. Christmas delivery is still available! We are looking for a venue to launch the anthology in Manchester in January so keep your eyes and ears open.

Next meeting: Tuesday 22nd December — yes this meeting has enough members wanting to attend to make it worthwhile