Tuesday Meeting: 27th October

We had another busy meeting last night with thirteen people attending and four submissions critiqued.

Tuesday Meeting: 27th October

Before we get started with the critiques I’d like to remind everyone that Eliza is organising a Christmas meal. Please visit this Doodle poll to cast your vote for the date.

On with the crits!

  • Len presented the second half of his short story Life Can Be Hell. Everyone enjoyed the slapstick humour in this piece. The rather graphic elephant ending was also enjoyed by most people, although a few wondered as to whether the tone was consistent with the rest of the story. Fairly resounding dislike for the protagonist’s role as rapist. Some questions asked over the world building logic. Great voice. Aggressive angels kick ass.
  • Eric presented a further two chapters from his novel Hellbound. Plenty of people enjoyed the scene setting and characterisation in the first chapter. Resounding call to change Travis’ back-story: football career ended by an accident is a potentially well-worn cliché. Butterfly-eating finale was also enjoyed by all with a repeat comparison made with Silence of the Lambs. Cleaner and security guard characters are possibly a little two-dimensional. Calls for the cleaner to change role to full-on serial killer (author is intrigued by this possibility).
  • Wendy presented her very first submission for the group, a short story called Fairyland. Most people enjoyed the ambiguity in this piece as to whether the events represented something real or something mythical, with just a few members wondering whether the fantastic element should be given a bit of a signal boost. Advice given on formatting: indents and fewer section breaks. Calls to drop Mary and the multiple shop names. Perhaps more info on rust. Plenty of appreciation for the urban setting. Cider is always good; organic cider is a bonus.
  • Chris presented the first chapter from his novel The Dancing Water. Keen interest from several people at the author’s departure from his usual flash story form to something longer. Plenty of appreciation for the fast pace. Un Sity is a great phrase. Plenty of discussion as to whether this qualifies as Young Adult fiction or just children’s fiction. Perhaps make the protagonists older? A couple of people weren’t keen on the vernacular dialects. Gas masks are always cool.

Here’s a quick update on the Revolutions Anthology:

The Computer God has spoken! Seventeen stories have been selected to be in the anthology. The authors should now all have been contacted one way or another. We the editors thank everyone for their submissions. They were all highly inventive takes on our theme and we had a blast reading them. Congratulations to all who made it and to all those who entered the running (next time, folks!). This is shaping up to be a very exciting project, so keep your eyes peeled on this space for more news as it happens!

You can keep up to date via the Revolutions Anthology Facebook page.

That’s all for this month. DropBox is now clear and ready for our next meeting on Wednesday 11th November.

See you all there!

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