Manchester Speculative Fiction

Tuesday Meeting: 22nd September


Apologies for not being able to make the Tuesday meeting this month. My thanks to Luke for taking the following notes…

The Tuesday meetings are still going strong! Last night we had a very healthy turn out of ten people with four pieces to critique. Industrious as we are, we managed to get through all four critiques quick enough to have an extra half hour down the pub.

We would like to welcome Wendy to the group who attended her first session last night. You gave some fantastic critiques and we are looking forward to reading some of your fiction in the future.

Afterwards we all scuttled off to Common for a drink and chat. Topics included: ‘Call of Cthulhu’, a certain Prime Minister’s alleged misadventures at university, and James’ pitch for a cop show whose hard boiled protagonist is a Eunuch (Sign him up HBO!)

Next meeting: Wednesday 14th October

See you there!