Tuesday Meeting: 25th August

Last night’s meeting was a success! We had ten attendees and we easily managed to discuss four submissions. It felt a lot like the usual Wednesday. I think that gives us the green light for twice-monthly meetings. Roll on next month!

Meeting: 25th August

Terence wasn’t able to make it last night so his submission, Earthfall, will be carried over to the next meeting on Wednesday 9th September. I’ve updated the Next Meeting and About pages to reflect the changes to the meetings. We probably need a few tweaks to the House Rules but we’re still discussing some of the finer points.

Meanwhile, here are the critiques from last night . . .

  • Quentin presented his short story The Well of Secrets. Several readers found this an easy read with good pacing, and there were several compliments for the imagery and descriptions. A couple of people were concerned about the approach towards the same sex relationship, it’s a potentially sensitive topic. Some people weren’t sure that the reveal was actually a reveal. Slightly drifty viewpoint at times. Great characters, melancholic tone.
  • Elliot presented the prologue and first chapter from his novel A Chronicle of Advancement. A few people wondered whether the prologue was necessary, or perhaps just a little too long, they suggested it could be cut down to a single paragraph. I think everyone enjoyed the characters and the dialogue, especially Anara. A few people wanted a more speculative setting and perhaps a strong story hook.
  • Kate presented the first chapter from her novel Tessa Koren Gets a Job. Everyone seemed to enjoy this light-hearted piece and there were several compliments for the pacing, although a couple of people wondered if the flight scene went on for too long. Some people noted similarities with Assassin’s Creed. Difference of opinion over the omniscient viewpoint at the start: liked by some, disliked by the rest. Confusion over a couple of points: cutting the bars (flashback or not) and the horse bolting (or not).
  • Graeme presented the second chapter from his novel Our Secret Ways. Fairly unanimous approval for several elements in this chapter: the return of Heydrich, the imagery at the movie premiere, the encrypted message (with the hint of something possibly Lovecraftian on the way), the SS Gruppenführer in the toilets. A few people weren’t sure about the scene change from the Antarctic to Berlin, though opinion seemed a little divided as to whether an extra chapter was needed or not. Some searchlight/spotlight confusion.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 9th September.

See you there and good luck with your writing!

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  1. SAM

    All of you are doing well SAM Samiuddin1008@Yahoo.com

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