Manchester Speculative Fiction

Meeting: 8th July


Last night’s meeting was, I think, the second busiest we’ve ever had with 16 people attending with two new members: Quentin and Elliot. A warm welcome to both of you. And thanks to Luke and Quentin for the cake and biscuits. Happy Birthday Eliza!

Before we get started I just want to thank everyone for the concise delivery of last night’s critiques. We comfortably managed to discuss 4 pieces which is around 60 critiques in total. That’s well above the usual maximum of 50. Well done. Keep it up!

Next: I’m afraid I won’t be able to make next month’s meeting. Graeme has kindly offered to take the chair instead. Cheers Graeme! That also means there will be a delay to the usual blog post but everything else will tick along as normal.

Finally, there were a couple of suggestions for minor rules changes last night. It’s excellent to hear these being suggested and discussed. Keep them coming; this is your writing group. If you have a suggestion that is supported by other group members and benefits the whole group then it could be something that gets implemented.

There was a suggestion last night that I’d like to discuss. I’ll start a thread going on the Facebook Group but if you don’t have access to Facebook please add to the comments below or drop me an email and I’ll make sure your voice is heard. Last night a group member suggested that those who arrive late should have their submission bounced to the following month. This isn’t meant to be a punitive measure but the success of our writing group has always relied upon an amicable exchange of critiques in both directions and in equal measure. It’s also important that members who arrive on time don’t feel as if they’re being inadvertently queue-jumped by someone who just happens to sit down at a particular place around the table. I’d like to second this suggestion. The discussion can continue over on Facebook.

Now…on with the crits:

We managed to discuss Eric’s submission — a new chapter from his novel Hellbound — over at Common after the meeting. Critiques were also handed over to Truong for the first chapter of his novel The World Behind Us as he won’t be able to make next month’s meeting.

That leaves an empty DropBox. Have fun and get scribbling!

Next meeting: Wednesday 12th August