Call for submissions: REVOLUTIONS! anthology

We are very proud to announce our very first call for submissions for the REVOLUTIONS! anthology.


The REVOLUTIONS! anthology will be a collection of speculative fiction stories linked to the Greater Manchester area. REVOLUTIONS! will be available in e-book and print formats later this year.

We need your words. Submissions must be speculative fiction, that’s science fiction, fantasy, horror, dystopian fiction, slipstream (and this probably includes a whole host of other genres or sub-genres depending on your point of view). We want short stories between 1500 and 6000 words in length. Push the boundaries. Blur the lines between one genre and another. Bite your thumb at the literary-genre divide. Honour the great classics with your own take on space opera, high fantasy, gothic horror. Your story must be associated with Manchester or Greater Manchester in some way.

REVOLUTIONS! is a paying market.

Closing date for submissions is: 1st June

More information on our website:

Feel free to ask any questions on the anthology Facebook page. Just be careful, it’s become self-aware or possessed or something:

We look forward to reading your work during the next few weeks!

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