Meeting: 11th March

Apologies for not being able to attend this month’s meeting and thanks to everyone who helped out, especially Graeme for taking notes and posting details on our Facebook group. Here’s a copy of these notes for posterity. See you all next month!

Chris Ovenden’s story ‘Green Fingers’ was praised for its twist and brought up a range of comparisons to ‘Of Mice and Men’, ‘Westworld’, ‘Ripley’s Game’, ‘Red Dragon’ and ‘The Iron Giant’. Some people felt it could have been trimmed for pace, and opinions were split on the use of dialect.

Eric Ian Steele‘s final submission from ‘Autumn Man’ was praised for it’s writing quality, but there were some questions about the unsympathetic characters, some PoV issues and the slightly anti-climactic ending. Several people looked forward to reading the rest when it’s published.

James Alex Gabriel Phillips’s short piece ‘You Can Only Run So Far, But They Can Always Walk’ was praised for its subversion of zombie tropes, but was felt to need more of a dramatic arc and more integration of exposition.

Rob Prescott’s ‘One Plus God Knows What’ was thought reminiscent of ‘Event Horizon’, ‘Dead Space’ and ‘Fade Out’, with a nice mystery and tension, but the open ending was a bit confusing to some people and the characters’ informality and panic was thought unlikely in trained astronauts.

Graeme Shimmin‘s ‘Excuses, Excuses’ was compared to Raymond Chandler, Terry Gilliam and Robert Rankin and thought amusing by most reviewers. More exposition of the plot and the characters’ motivations was suggested. The female character in particular was thought to need more work.

With the meeting over in record time, the attendees adjourned to the pub.

Next meeting: Wednesday 8th April

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