Meeting: 8th October

Thanks to everyone who attended last night’s meeting and a hearty welcome to Eliza Chan who joined us for the first time. Eliza is a former member of the Glasgow SF group and writes fantasy / weird fiction.

Meeting: 8th October

Before we start with the critiques I’d like to remind everyone that we should be back at MadLab next month but please keep checking this website or the Facegroup group for details nearer the time.

Last night we were clearing the backlog from last month’s meeting. We managed to discuss all four pieces so we are now open to submissions again!

On with the critiques . . .

  • Chris presented the prologue for a new novel called In The Giants’ Shadow. Plenty of compliments for the rabbits/kirin in this piece as well as the action scene at the end. Several people wondered about the quantity of exposition and wondered whether a prologue was needed at all. A few points raised on the potential overuse of colons/semi-colons. Narrative voice was enjoyed by many. Calls for further chapters.
  • Craig presented the 11th chapter from his novel Canton Station: Spindle Dreams. I think most people enjoyed the bar scene with comparisons made to Blade Runner. Compliments were also paid towards the pedicab ride towards the end and the representation of the local gangs. A few questions asked about the protagonist’s passivity and the practicality of those rail-weapon velocities.
  • James Harben presented two short stories: The Library and The Exhibition. A clear difference of opinion on each of these pieces with most people preferring The Exhibition over The Library. Some questions were raised over mental health and the narrative voice in the first piece. Calls for improved formatting to aid eye relief. I think pretty much everyone enjoyed the dark humour and gory visuals in The Exhibition. Very funny. Difference of opinion over the final swimming paragraph.
  • James Ridgway presented a short story called The Dead Shall Rise. Plenty of compliments for the theme and philosophy in this piece. Several people enjoyed the dialogue. A few people wondered whether a couple of the characters were rather disposable and whether the ending was rushed (author confirms that there was some hard editing to get under the word count). Good reveal at the end. Calls to submit further pieces.

After the meeting we headed over to Common for an informal drink and some chit-chat. We discussed the possibility of publishing a group anthology. Watch the Facegroup group for further details — Eric is going to start a new thread.

Next meeting at MadLab (unless we hear otherwise): Wednesday 12th November

See you there!


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