Meeting: 10th September

Another busy meeting last night with twelve people attending. I’d like to welcome our latest recruit, Malcolm. We’re looking forward to reading your work over the coming months.

Meeting: 10th September

With eight submissions in DropBox we obviously had a lot to get through and we did well to work through four submissions, starting with Eric’s piece which was carried over from last month’s meeting.

Please note that we have decided to place a temporary hold on submissions to clear the current backlog. Do not add anything to DropBox until after the next meeting on the 8th October. Anything added to DropBox during the next month will be removed.

Please also note that we’re currently unsure as to whether we will be in our temporary venue again next month or back at MadLab. Keep an eye on the Facebook group or this website for details nearer the time.

On with the critiques!

  • Eric presented chapter 15 from his novel The Autumn Man. Unanimous approval for the descriptions of the derelict scenery in this piece, and also the gory death scene though the author went on to state that the vicar will return! There was a difference in opinion over Alice: a couple of people weren’t sure about her voice whilst several others enjoyed her perspective as she was turned. Looks like Amon has a fan club (and the suggestion that he looks like that Rutger Hauer chap).
  • Beverley presented her first chapter / chapter 12 from her novel Black Mirror. I think everyone enjoyed the use of language in this piece, especially during the final scene. Several requests for additional paragraph breaks and perhaps some hard editing. Questions raised on repetition, YA/adult suitability, italicised internal dialogue and thinker attributions. Calls for the first chapter to be submitted into DropBox (and a response from the author that it still needs to be written).
  • Graeme presented the eighth chapter from his novel Angel in Amber. Plenty of compliments on the writing style and pace in this piece, as well as the research, especially the cobalt bomb. Questions were asked about the protagonist being allowed to wander around on his own and whether the Texan needed dialling down a bit. Several people were confused about whether the first section was a dream. Great bridge description. Mention of a certain Bond film (that link isn’t the scene that was mentioned but I hope it’s close enough).
  • Kate presented her short story So Meta. I think everyone enjoyed this piece with several people mentioning that it was both funny and playful. Several great geeky references throughout, though a couple of people weren’t sure about the context of the ‘xenomorph’ mention. A number of members wondered about the theme or purpose for the story, whether it trailed away towards the end. Many of us are now left with a wistful longing for tails.

The following submissions will be carried over to next month:

  • Craig’s novel chapter from Canton Station: Spindle Dreams
  • Chris’ novel prologue from In The Giant’s Shadow
  • James Ridgway’s short story The Dead Shall Rise
  • James Harben’s two short stories The Library and The Exhibition

After the meeting we headed around to Common for our usual informal chat. This seems to be working well though I miss the lemon verbena tea from the Marble Bar.

Next month’s meeting: Wednesday 8th October

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