Manchester Speculative Fiction

Temporary Venue


We now have a confirmed alternate venue during the planned refurbishment work at MadLab. This is likely confirmed to affect the next two few meetings:

We will be meeting at New Federation House which is just a few minutes walk away. I need a volunteer to wait at MadLab until 7.15pm to direct people to the new venue. Then you would come along and join us at New Federation House. Let me know if you’re interested.

For any other questions please drop me a message via the Facebook group or an email via the Contacts page.

Details as follows . . .

During the refurb, MadLab will be relocating temporarily to New Federation House (NFH). It’s run by Castlefield Gallery. See here for more details on the CG site.
The building is a few doors down from the Printworks in the direction towards Swan Street.
Full details:
Address: New Federation House, M60 0AF
Entrance: Our entrance is not the main NFH entrance (which is on Federation Street). It is on Dantzic Street.
Google Maps: link
Directions: On Dantzic Street, next to Dantzic House are some big black gates on the front of a building (if you click on the Google Map link, you will see a man in a red T shirt in front of them). Enter here and there is a door to your immediate left. We are here!
Directions from MadLab: Facing the front door at MadLab, take a right and continue to the end of the street. Take a left and then a right on the corner (at Dough). Cross over the road and keep walking straight, through the Metrolink Tram stop. You will then rejoin a road. This is Dantzic Street. Turn right and then look for a building called Dantzic House on the opposite side of the street. There are some big black doors to the building’s immediate left. Go through these – there is a door to the left, just inside the gates. We are here!
The space
We have a large meeting room with a projector, and the room has wifi.
More information, including a guided walk-through, will be available on our site soon. On the night of your event someone will be at MadLab to direct people to NFH, just in case. It is about a three minute walk from MadLab.