Meeting: 12th February

Apologies for my late arrival at last night’s meeting. This was due to the rather exciting weather. It took me nearly three hours to make the usual 35-minute journey into Manchester! I’d also like to pass along apologies from Damien who wasn’t able to attend for the same reason. We both had work in DropBox. I’ve left these in DropBox along with another piece from James. These three pieces will be the first to be discussed at next month’s meeting before we move onto new submissions.

Meeting: 12th February

So, we eventually had nine people attending last night’s meeting including three new members. We discussed four pieces of work and two of these were first submissions. As I arrived halfway through I didn’t make my usual notes. My thanks to Graeme who started to take notes in my absence, however I didn’t realise so I didn’t continue after I arrived. Anyway, because of this I’ve decided to omit my usual constructive/sarcastic notes. Hope that’s OK.

On with the critiques . . .

  • Graeme presented the first chapter from his novel Angel in Amber.
  • Eric presented the 13th chapter from his novel Autumn Man.
  • Anjel presented her first piece of work for discussion, the first half of a short story called DragonScapes.
  • Karl also presented his first piece of work for discussion, a short story called The Fold.

We popped around to the Marble Bar afterwards for our usual chit-chat. I managed to talk to a couple of new members, but not all, though I did at least manage to deliver my critique for Graeme’s piece. Normal service will be resumed next month (hopefully).

My thanks again to everyone for battling through the wind and rain. I think most people were delayed one way or another. Everyone did well just to get to the meeting, and don’t worry if you didn’t manage to attend, there’s always next month.

Fingers crossed the weather will be a little better than this . . .

Crazy weather!

See you next time!

Next meeting: 12th March

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