Meeting: 11th December

Last night’s meeting was held in the slightly chilly ground floor room at MadLab. But we had warm mulled wine to keep the cold away as well as a slight overabundance of mince pies. I’m pleased to say that we finished on time at exactly 21:30. Don’t expect that level of self-control at future meetings!

Meeting: 11th December

First of all I’d like to wish everyone Season’s Greetings, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Io Saturnalia, Joyous Kwanzaa, Dong Zhi Kuai Le! I hope you all have a relaxing few weeks until the next meeting.

During last night’s meeting we had four pieces of writing to discuss, one short story and three novel extracts, another evening of highly detailed and enjoyable critiques.

  • Damien presented a short story called Break Free. Plenty of compliments from members regarding the suspense, the action, the level of jeopardy and the narrative voice. Several people stated that they would consider this a piece of Young Adult (YA) fiction. Members raised questions about the ending, that it either ended abruptly or needed some kind of rounding off. Also: passage of time from day to night, night to day. And not forgetting: “they delved too deep“.
  • Craig presented the fourth and fifth chapters from his novel Canton Station. Several members enjoyed the beings/AIs in the first chapter though a few people were confused about what was going on. Difference of opinion over the eggshell blue walls. References to Culture Minds and the tiger from Life of Pi.
  • Eric presented the eleventh chapter from his novel Autumn Man. Several members said that this was a fast read, enjoyable and easy, with some great descriptions. Questions were asked about the school, especially the era and establishing accuracy with regards procedure in a modern-day educational establishment. Good cliff-hanger. Constructive suggestions for changes to the interaction between Megan and Billy.
  • Graeme presented the nineteenth and twentieth chapters from his novel A Kill in the Morning. Everyone seemed to enjoy the first chapter, the descriptions of the briefing and aircraft taking off. A few people wondered about Molly’s escape, whether it was too easy. Further compliments for the pace and suspense in the final chapter, though a couple of members were concerned over Kitty’s passivity. Discussion regarding the twins and some, erm, interesting suggestions for cosplay and/or merchandise.

We headed around to the Marble Bar afterwards as usual. Looking back to last month’s meeting it seems we failed to avoid the usual off-topic topics. Get your New Year’s resolutions ready for next month’s meeting please: thou shall not talk about That Game.

Speaking of which . . .

See you all at the next meeting: Wednesday 8th January


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  1. Chris barry

    How do I get involved with your group amateur but really intrested

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