Manchester Speculative Fiction

Meeting: 13th November


Another excellent meeting last night. I’d like to welcome Owen who joined us for the first time. Apologies from Graeme for missing the first part of the meeting — I think he may have landed his time machine on the wrong day earlier on in the week and he’s ended up a day out of sync.

We ended up discussing just three pieces of work, which resulted in some detailed critiques again, including a first submission from Damien. There was an attempt to coerce positive feedback with the offer of Jelly Babies. This failed. Darn. Next month I will up my game.

We popped around to the Marble Bar afterwards, as usual, where we were able to discuss Graeme‘s piece (chapter 18 of his novel A Kill in the Morning). I also remember a technical discussion about viewpoints in fiction (third person vs first, limited vs omniscient), as well the Bechdel Test (again), Ingress and WoW (apologies to non-players), C and Linux, a discussion over various items of weaponry and UK firearms law, and various films including Gravity and Pacific Rim, neither of which I’ve seen yet! *sulks*

Next month, members will only be permitted to discuss philosophy and high-level literary techniques. Someone will need to bring a gag (for me).

Talking of which, next meeting: Wednesday 11th December

See you there!