Meeting: 13th November

Another excellent meeting last night. I’d like to welcome Owen who joined us for the first time. Apologies from Graeme for missing the first part of the meeting — I think he may have landed his time machine on the wrong day earlier on in the week and he’s ended up a day out of sync.

Meeting: 13th November

We ended up discussing just three pieces of work, which resulted in some detailed critiques again, including a first submission from Damien. There was an attempt to coerce positive feedback with the offer of Jelly Babies. This failed. Darn. Next month I will up my game.

  • Craig presented the third chapter from his novel Canton Station. Plenty of compliments for the chapter opening and the subtle info-dumping regards the air quality. A number of members wondered whether the chapter lacked purpose and that there perhaps wasn’t enough threat. Some rather comical low-g running. Much appreciation for the weather and scenery. Repetition. (Again!)
  • Eric presented a short story called The Carnival. I think everyone enjoyed the scene-setting and the visuals in this piece as well as the opening. Most members didn’t realise who the male character was, though it could just be that we’re an uncultured lot (well, that certainly applies to me). A few members were unsure about the ending, wondering whether it wasn’t quite dramatic enough or whether it needed cutting back. Calls for a less-tall, perhaps not-so-dark, handsome chap with a club foot.
  • Damien presented the first chapter from his novel Eucatastrophe. Fairly resounding appreciation for the action in this chapter and the excellent scene-setting aboard the boat. A number of members wondered about the relevancy of the battle scene in pushing forward with the plot. Some technical discussions regards the distant viewpoint. Interesting that at least two members skipped reading the blurb for a more objective read. A couple of members wanted to see more back-story.

We popped around to the Marble Bar afterwards, as usual, where we were able to discuss Graeme‘s piece (chapter 18 of his novel A Kill in the Morning). I also remember a technical discussion about viewpoints in fiction (third person vs first, limited vs omniscient), as well the Bechdel Test (again), Ingress and WoW (apologies to non-players), C and Linux, a discussion over various items of weaponry and UK firearms law, and various films including Gravity and Pacific Rim, neither of which I’ve seen yet! *sulks*

Next month, members will only be permitted to discuss philosophy and high-level literary techniques. Someone will need to bring a gag (for me).

Talking of which, next meeting: Wednesday 11th December

See you there!

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