Manchester Speculative Fiction

Meeting: 14th August


Apologies for the delay in posting these notes but I was unable to attend this month’s meeting as I was away in a galaxy far, far away. My thanks to everyone who attended especially to Graeme Cole for his notes and Graeme Shimmin for the photo.

Graeme Cole’s notes were so good, I’m just going to copy them straight in . . .

In Craig’s absence, the group convened as usual and were even able to commandeer a full plate of biscuits from the MadLabbers downstairs.

There were a few quiet moments to begin with, in which we stared at each other waiting for an alpha writer to stand forward and seize control of the meeting. Instead, a genteel adhocracy blossomed as we took it in turns to introduce ourselves to new guests Joe and Phil, and explain the way the group works and that there was no escape. On with the critiques:

We finished in good time for once (no reflection on Craig’s verbosity) before making our way to the Marble, who are now serving Earl Grey Beer – the writer’s choice?

Next meeting: Wednesday 11th September