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Meeting: 8th May

Happy Birthday to us! This month’s meeting marks our third birthday. This is a huge achievement that’s only been made possible with the continued support and enthusiasm from all of our members both past and present. Well done to everyone! I’d also like to thank MadLab for providing such a fantastic venue.

Cake! And candles!

We’ve seen a number of success stories over the years with many of our members achieving publication for the very first time and most (if not all) members stating quite equivocally that their writing has certainly improved since joining the group and continues to do so with every meeting. It’s often difficult for a writer to identify a singular cause-and-effect that has led towards an improvement in their writing, but I think all members (myself included) believe that the group has certainly contributed towards this goal. I’m personally looking forward to the next three years and more beyond that!

Before we get started with the critiques I’d like to welcome Brian Clarke who joined us for the first time last night. We’re all looking forward to reading your work at future meetings. I’d also like to thank members who made generous donations via PayPal after the last meeting. Once we hit fifty quid we’ll make another contribution to MadLab.

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