Manchester Speculative Fiction

Meeting: 13th March


First of all I’d like to welcome James Bones who joined us for the first time last night. You gave some great feedback and we’re really looking forward to reading your work at future meetings.

Before I get started with the critique summaries I’d like to mention Eastercon. So far we have two members with tickets booked (myself and James) and a couple more thinking about it. It would be great to meet up with group members, past and present, so if you’re attending and you’d like to catch up with a drink and a chat on the Saturday evening just add a comment below, drop us an email or pop a comment on the Facebook group and we’ll sort out a rendezvous.

So we had six members attending last night with four pieces of work being discussed over at the alternative venue of Hackspace Manchester

Afterwards, we headed around the corner to the Marble Bar for a chat and some ale/tea. Lots of talk about Eastercon. I’ll endeavor to pop a post up here on the Monday or the Tuesday after we get back. Otherwise, see you all next month!

Next meeting: Wednesday 10th April (I might be a little late to this meeting–feel free to wait or start without me)