Meeting: 13th February

We had six members attending last night’s meeting with five pieces of work being discussed, including Luke’s first submission to the group.

Meeting: 13th February

Great feedback all round…

  • Graeme Shimmin presented the tenth chapter from his novel A Kill in the Morning. I think everyone enjoyed the two new characters Carrot-top and Reuven, notably Carrot’s jolly old banter and Reuven’s eating habits (though there was some debate about the acceptable number of ‘jollies’). A couple of people remain unconvinced about Molly’s accent. Battleaxes with cast-off tents and tapping noses appreciated. Disbelief at Molly’s pure status.
  • Graeme Cole presented the first part of a script called Away in a Sand Dune. Everyone seemed to enjoy this piece, though some people stated trepidation at critiquing the form. Lots of funny one-liners, one sulky teenager (who needs grounding for her potty-mouth) and a lack of page numbers. Comparisons made with Lost and Hitchhikers (somewhere in between).
  • James presented a short story called The Deadline. Pretty much everyone enjoyed this piece with a couple of people stating that this was the best they had seen from the author. Several people liked the Dharma link. Some questions were asked about the viewpoint and the narrator’s voice, especially in the sections from the zombies’ point of view. Also: is the virus stopped by mittens? Requests for a slower denouement. Blatant movie reference: Shaun of the Dead (of course).
  • Eric presented the fourth part of a short story called Indian Summer. Different opinions from various members about what they enjoyed most about this piece: the pacing, the crap dad, the hanging. Several members said they enjoyed the pivotal reveal of fantasy/horror elements. Questions were asked about the frequency of tree references, which turned into a discussion about how vegetation could be used to kill someone, which of course ended up with another movie reference: Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Luke presented the first part of a short story or novelette called A Tale of Two Suns. I think everyone is intrigued about this story and where it’s going to head in future installments. There was some advice bandied around on the technical aspects of writing, especially third person viewpoint technique and narrative voice. Several people said that they particularly enjoyed the two main characters and the bloody scene at the start. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers… received another mention.

We finished a little later than usual, around 9.45pm (probably me gabbling on again), and headed around the corner for a quick drink and a chat about all sorts including Eastercon.

At least 2 or 3 people from the group are attending this year’s Eastercon on various days, so feel free to drop us an email via the contact form or get in touch via the Facebook group if you’d like to meet up or tag along.

Next meeting: Wednesday 13th March

See you there!

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