Meeting: 8th August

Summer can be a difficult time of year for writing groups with members away on holiday or enjoying the intermittent British sunshine–and it was actually sunny yesterday evening! Then of course we’re all gripped (and rightly so!) with Olympics fever, so I’m glad to say that with three submissions to the DropBox, this month’s meeting was still able to run.

We had five members attending last night’s meeting, with the three submissions as follows:

  • Eric presented chapters 7-9 from his novel Project Nine. Several members commented that the pace is ticking along nicely, though a couple of members are still wondering (following on from last month’s discussion) whether there should be some clearer identification of the central protagonists. A few comments about some slightly well-worn phrases. Several people stated that they particularly enjoyed the 9th chapter. Discussions on the number of characters and comparisons made with Game of Thrones (I’m still on Season 1 so I can’t even watch that trailer).
  • Pat presented the first chapter from her novel The Foundation for Lonely Souls. Everyone seemed to enjoy this first chapter, with demand for further chapters to be submitted to future meetings. There was a resounding opinion that this initial chapter reads as mature YA fiction, though some people said that they need to read more to be sure. Several people stated that they enjoyed the dark tone; a couple of people questioned the quantity of back-story (countered with “don’t stop writing, just keep going”). Many splendid references to Carrie, James Herbert (for his flashbacks) and Anne Rice for The Witching Hour.
  • Graeme presented the fourth chapter from his novel A Kill in the Morning. Continuing the theme of previous meetings, further compliments were paid on the quality of writing and the level of research (Burgess, Health & Efficiency Magazine, Riley and more). There was a difference of opinion over our protagonist’s musings on his car (necessary or unnecessary or just a bit too James Bond). Several people said that they enjoyed the view of a wider world being brought into focus and the British characters. A couple of members not so sure about the English chanting. Further discussions on the (author states obviously deliberate) similarities with James Bond (although this trailer is possibly more fitting).

Apologies for not being able to make it along to the pub afterwards. I promise to make it next month!

Next meeting: Wednesday 12th September (Eric sends apologies in advance that he won’t be able to make this)

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