Meeting: 13th June

We had 6 people attending last night’s meeting and three pieces of writing to discuss. And we managed to finish on time again!

As previously mentioned, attendees are invited to donate £1-£2 per meeting via PayPal. This is a voluntary donation as we understand members can be a little strapped for cash at times. My thanks to the donations we have already received from last night’s meeting and to those people who have donated previously. Once we hit £50 or so we will be donating this money to MadLab in lieu of the free facilities they provide.

So on with the critiques…

  • Tom presented the start of an epic fantasy novella or short story called Fortress Falls. Several people mentioned that they enjoyed the rich world-building and the protagonist’s back-story flashbacks. A few questions were asked about the consistent use of language, some technical aspects of the dialogue and the amount of background information given. Numerous calls for this work to be expanded into a full-length novel!
  • Graeme presented the second chapter from his novel A Kill in the Morning. Once again a general consensus of appreciation for the quality of the writing and the evident level of research. A couple of people mentioned that they enjoyed this chapter even more than the first. Numerous comments about the mouse/hawk metaphor: overall good, perhaps a little too much? Lots of new Kitty fans. A (too) lengthy discussion on self-adhesive labels. Who started that? Ah yes. Me.
  • Eric presented the first chapter from a novel called Project Nine. Several people mentioned that they enjoyed the pace and atmosphere as well as the use of language. A few questions were raised about individual turns of phrase (some perhaps slightly well-worn) and consistency (cheese grater). Some minor POV shifts and a little confusion about the first section. Someone mentioned that music video.

As usual we popped around the corner for a drink afterwards and a discussion on various topics including Prometheus (of course).

Next meeting: Wednesday 11th July

See you there!

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