Meeting: 11th April

We had five people attending last night including a drop-in visit from Harvinder who is planning on joining us at a future meeting.

With just three pieces of work to discuss, our critiques were a little more detailed than usual and we even managed to finish early (by which I mean ‘on time’) . . .

  • Eric presented the 6th chapter from his novel The Autumn Man.  Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and building tension in this piece as the creature is gradually revealed. A couple of people questioned the use of language and whether this was fitting for the young female protagonist. Discussion on the suitability of the practicality of strappy high heels worn without tights. Questions asked about the number of characters and comparisons made with Game of Thrones (no bad thing as far as I’m concerned).
  • Pat presented a short story called Life in the Dead Lane. Everyone enjoyed this deliberately tongue-in-cheek crime noir / zombie pastiche. A couple of people suggested that there could be a little less info-dumping, though there was a split in opinion about the use of vernacular in the narrative. There was, however, a resounding call from everyone for a more complete ending–we want more! And a single misspelling of ‘Chuck’ to ‘Chunk’ is enough to invoke the Truffle Shuffle.
  • Kate presented the second half of the 7th chapter from her novel  Body of Dwaal. Lots of positive feedback on this chapter, with everyone enjoying the dialogue and character interactions as well as the steady pacing of the story. Several people were pleased to see the ‘Body of Dwaal’ reference dropped in at the end of this chapter (further evidence of good pacing). A few questions–discussion points really–raised about whether the nomadic tribe would benefit from further development of their mythology and religion. Also: continued discussions on snake availability and fish leather.

We finished our critiques at 9.30pm and headed around the corner to the pub to continue the discussion on fish leather.

Next meeting: Wednesday 9th May, 7pm start as usual.

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