PayPal Donations

As promised during last month’s meeting we now have a PayPal account. Apologies that this took slightly longer than expected, but I also had to setup email on this domain.

The PayPal account that has been created is a business, not-for-profit account called ‘Manchester Speculative Fiction’ with myself nominated as contact. The email address for donations is or you can use the donate button below. I’ll add this to the sidebar after the next meeting.

This is intended to allow members to donate £1 per meeting if they feel they can afford it. Some members have also expressed an interest in making a single, larger donation to cover several meetings at once. All donations, no matter how large or small, will be gratefully received. To reiterate:

  • Donations will be received in the strictest confidence. The names of individuals making a donation will never be made public.
  • A copy of the PayPal balance sheet will be made available on request to any current member. This balance sheet will show donation dates and amounts as well as withdrawal dates, amounts and destination (i.e. MadLab). The names of individuals making donations would be removed.
  • No refunds. This isn’t an attendance fee, it’s a donation.

We will use the PayPal account to issue occasional donations to MadLab. I will post an update on this website whenever any such donation is made. Thank you for your support!

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