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Meeting: 8th February

Before I get started with the usual chit-chat I have a couple of quick points to raise . . .

First of all I want to give a big thank you on behalf of the group to Kate Fawl and Benjamin Judge for attending the MadLab maintenance day on Sunday. MadLab is dependent on voluntary help like this, so it’s very much appreciated. You can have a look at what they helped out with over at the MadLab blog.

Next, I want to repeat a question I raised during last night’s meeting. Attendance at our writing group is free, with members invited to donate £1 or 50p per visit to help with MadLab’s funding (heating, lighting etc). MadLab are extremely grateful for our contributions but I’d like to see our donations making more of a difference when we hand over the cash. So I’m suggesting we open a PayPal account that members can voluntarily donate into and that we make larger, less frequent donations to MadLab perhaps once or twice a year.

What does everyone think?

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