Meeting: 11th January

Apologies for not being to make the meeting this month–major clash of work/life/MA balance and my time machine is in for repairs. I’d like to thank Guy Garrud who stepped in at the last moment to lead and produce the following excellent notes . . .

Last night was good, turnout of four (all for critiquing) and a pleasant time was had. As there was little time pressure we were able to ramble a bit and still have plenty of time for a cup of earl grey / cheeky beer at Marble afterwards.

  • Kate presented chapter 5 of her novel. Everybody felt that Kael was much more sympathetic, maybe even with the makings of a hero about him? The Magister character felt a little inconsistent, and there was a bit of telling where showing would be good but everybody loved the flogging scene . . . clearly we’re all a bunch of sadists (or masochists depending on how sympathetic the reader is).
  • Guy presented chapter 2 of his current project. The characters seemed to switch roles very quickly and it was a bit info-dumpy in places but people responded well to the sense of despair and were eager to hear more about the religious order and the natives.
  •  Eric presented the first two chapters of a horror novel. Everyone loved the imagery, although some felt it may have gone on a little long. Overall an intriguing opening leading to discussions of vicars, undergarments and Cthulhu.
  •  Graeme gave us a short story about an audiophiliac time-traveller. We all laughed, there was some confusion over the identity of the monkey and whether there should be more or less explanation of the ambulance.

Thanks again Guy!

Next meeting: Wednesday 8th February, 7pm start as usual.

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