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Open Meeting 10th August (Cancelled)

Last night’s open meeting was cancelled as MadLab decided, rather wisely, to roll down their shutters for the night due to the impending threat of more riots.

Apologies for the lack of notice about this, but I spent most of yesterday afternoon on a Boeing 767 flying back from Rhodes where I’ve been enjoying the lack of rain (and riots) for the last 10 days. Anyway, I hope you’re all safe.

I now have to sort out whether we try for another open meeting this month, or just put things back to next month. I also have to sort out dates for the closed meeting which seems to have run into a clash with Bad Language (we will be moving the closed meeting to another date–just not sure which one yet).

So, as usual, watch this space. As soon as I have more information I’ll let you all know.

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