Manchester Speculative Fiction

Meeting: 11th May


First of all I’d like to welcome John Moran and Eric Steele who joined us for the first time last. Oh and that Greg chap who dropped in halfway through! We appreciated the excellent feedback you gave on our work and we’re looking forward to seeing some of your own work at a future meeting. And that was a mighty fine t-shirt Eric!

Secondly… Happy Birthday to us! Yes, the group is now a year old. We ate Guy’s cake and chatted about the good old times.

Then we got around to critiquing some writing:

As usual we popped down the pub afterwards. I remember chatting about mixing third and first person, and writing markets I think.

There’s a strange juxtaposition next month with the first Tuesday and second Wednesday, so for now let’s assume the next meeting is:

I’ll have a word with MadLab about ‘pencilling in’ a possible meeting after this one in June. I do wonder whether that would be a better way of doing things in future? Have the Wednesday meeting first each month and a second ‘overflow’ meeting after that. What does everyone think?