Manchester Speculative Fiction

Meeting: 9th March


First of all I’d like to welcome Emma Audsley who joined us for the first time last night. We enjoyed your feedback we’re looking forward to seeing some of your own work in the future. Apologies from Rebecca who couldn’t make last night, we would still like to critique your work at a future meeting, perhaps in April?

With the delay to the start of the meeting we met beforehand at the Mini Marble, just around the corner from MadLab, for a drink and a chat. At 8pm we moved to MadLab. Summary of the evening’s critiques are as follows:

Due to the lack of time, critiques for Craig‘s short story Refugees will be put back to the April meetings. Whilst this was probably the plan all along, and we’re moving to twice-monthly meetings to cope for this exact eventuality, please consider planning your critiques before each meeting. Several people make notes beforehand, a few bullet points is a good idea. This is an excellent way to avoid repetition and umm’ing or ah’ing your way through your critique. You could also keep an eye on the time, however I don’t want people to feel rushed.

However, given all the last minute changes to the start time, we did very well to give six solid critiques during the evening. Great work! Afterwards, we popped back to the Mini Marble for a quick drink and a little more chat before we all headed home.

Next meetings are:

Please submit your work into the DropBox a week in advance of each meeting. If you’re submitting for the 13th April meeting instead of the 5th please make this clear in the filename of the document you submit into the DropBox.

We Need Your Artwork!

I’ve updated the banner on the website with a little creation of mine. Top marks for anyone who can guess what it is. Please have a look in the Resources folder in DropBox and suggest which banner you would like to see next month. Dave has recently added several pictures in there (they still need resizing to 770×200 but I can do this with PhotoShop if you have trouble).

We’re planning on rotating the banner every month, so why not have a go at creating some artwork yourself? The image needs to be 770×200 pixels and should have a vaguely speculative theme.