Manchester Speculative Fiction

Meeting: 9th February


First of all I’d like to welcome Rebecca who joined us for the first time last night. I’d again like to apologise for not emailing you the work we planned to critique in last night’s meeting – I think we managed to scrabble together some paper copies for you to read during the meeting. I really enjoyed listening to the short prose extract you brought with you and if you drop me a copy by email I’ll forward it on to everyone.

Well there is one word to describe last night and that is ‘epic’. With nine pieces of work to critique (including Rebecca’s spoken story) we finished just a little over an hour late at 10pm. Personally I didn’t mind the late finish and overall the evening felt less rushed than last month’s stopwatch-timed event. What does everyone think?

Summary of the evening’s events as follows:

Thanks to Dave for modelling my steampunk goggles

We managed a quick drink and a chat down the pub afterwards. Next meeting is at 7pm on Wednesday 9th March.