Meeting: 9th February

First of all I’d like to welcome Rebecca who joined us for the first time last night. I’d again like to apologise for not emailing you the work we planned to critique in last night’s meeting – I think we managed to scrabble together some paper copies for you to read during the meeting. I really enjoyed listening to the short prose extract you brought with you and if you drop me a copy by email I’ll forward it on to everyone.

Well there is one word to describe last night and that is ‘epic’. With nine pieces of work to critique (including Rebecca’s spoken story) we finished just a little over an hour late at 10pm. Personally I didn’t mind the late finish and overall the evening felt less rushed than last month’s stopwatch-timed event. What does everyone think?

Summary of the evening’s events as follows:

  • Guy presented a further chapter from his novel Night Work. There was a little confusion over the geometry and scale of the creature and most (but not all) rebuked the clenching of buttocks. Everyone enjoyed the details aboard the boat.
  • Shirley presented her first piece of work, a short story titled In The Beginning which lasted a rather precise 4 minutes and 27 seconds (the story, not the critique). There was disagreement about whether to like the main character, David, or not. But we all enjoyed the pacing and the details. And Death.
  • Rebecca read a short extract from a short piece of fantasy prose she is currently working on. Everyone enjoyed the details and the similes, especially the jam gatherers, and we need to read more!
  • Craig presented a short story titled Lady Indigo. There was disagreement about whether to mix the absinthe à la Française and questions were raised regarding the authenticity of some of the Victorian turns of phrase.
  • Rob presented a further chapter from his as yet unnamed post-apocalyptic novel. There was a little confusion about the flashback scene and but we all enjoyed his walk in the sunshine and the subtle release of information which indicates a bigger picture.
  • Dave presented the first part of a short story titled The WinterSouth Gates of Quetoriale Ke. Several people thoroughly enjoyed the dream sequencing as well as the setting itself. Questions were raised regarding the usefulness of both gate and guards. We’re all looking forward to the next instalment.
  • Ben presented a short story titled Brains. Or should that be Brainssss…? A funny story, some people found it funny whilst others just ‘funny’. Concerns were raised over the stoic lack of fear experienced by the gore-soaked children, but everyone loved the ‘darling hat’. Oh…and it was quite funny, did I mention that?
  • Hakim presented a Doctor Who fan fiction story titled Big G’s Castle. Seems there are few fans of Sylvester McCoy (or Ace) though it seems there is a very good reason for using him. Everyone loved the setting and there were several requests for a sans-Who version of the story.
  • Sam presented a short story titled ROSE. There was much discussion about this quirky story both during the meeting and down t’pub afterwards. Suggestions were made to improve the editing by reading aloud.

Thanks to Dave for modelling my steampunk goggles

We managed a quick drink and a chat down the pub afterwards. Next meeting is at 7pm on Wednesday 9th March.


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3 responses to “Meeting: 9th February

  1. On that first picture, people are looking at me and thinking: what is that fool doing?

    Also, can we photoshop Guy into picture 2 between Sam and Shirley? No particular reason, it would just amuse me


  2. It could have been worse Dave, Craig’s also made a steam hat. Perhaps you can model it at the next meeting.

  3. I’m still waiting on some brass bolts to add the last finishing touches but that sounds like a great idea.

    He’s got plenty of hair, I’m sure he won’t mind losing a bit if it overheats again.

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