Manchester Speculative Fiction

Meeting: 12th January


First of all I’d like to welcome Shirley Kernan who joined us for the first time last night. Hi Shirley! I’m especially looking forward to reading your steampunk work.

And what a busy evening: we had six stories critiqued by eight members – and we spent the first twenty minutes having a discussion about the group. But we still only overran by 15 minutes! This might be due to a new system we tried last night where we limit the time for feedback per story, skipping people if need be. With six stories we went for 15 minutes per story and I think we only skipped a couple of critiques. Hopefully this gave everyone a more equal slice of the feedback pie without rushing towards the end.

This was certainly one of the most successful meetings (if not the most successful) we’ve had so far.

Summary as follows:

Most of us popped along to the pub afterwards and we managed to spend another couple of hours talking about all sorts from post-apocalyptic pizza to sexuality to Twitter and websites. Oh and writing.