Manchester Speculative Fiction

Meeting: 13th October


Another great meeting last night followed by a short alcohol-free pub crawl until we finally managed to find a pub noisy enough so we couldn’t hear ourselves think. Five manuscripts critiqued.

Quick summary of the discussion:

A big hello to Guy Garrud who joined us last night. All research questions on fire investigation forensics to him please.

Ben raised an idea for starting a website for the group. He’s going to send an email around so I won’t steal his thunder but it involves writing to a theme alongside the usual meetings and the possible involvement of other published authors.

Next meeting is Wednesday 10th November, 7pm. I’ve moved the manuscripts from last night into the Archive folder in the DropBox but John raised a good point about why we’re storing these unless they’re previous chapters of novels being critiqued for new members to review. Feel free to remove anything you don’t want left lying around in there.

Please remember to submit your manuscripts into the DropBox at least a week in advance of the next meeting (by 3rd November please).