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Meeting: 8th September

Great meeting last night, plenty of laughs and we finished on time…with six manuscripts critiqued. Nice work!

A quick summary of last night’s discussion:

  • Cute girls from Iceland who kill people.
  • The merits of modern wine bars versus the more traditional pub in an urban fantasy setting.
  • Papier mache, the moon and autism.
  • Naming conventions in the afterlife.
  • Rubber mallets and torture (blancmange, optional).
  • Mayflies, white space and spoilers.

Next meeting is Wednesday 13th October and we’ll be spinning the bottle at 7pm promptly. Drinks afterwards across the road for those that want to hang around.

Please drop your work into the DropBox a week in advance. See you all there!

PS. I’m declaring an end to the gun embargo. Bring your flak jackets. I’ll be packing heat.

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